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Vieques Island

About Vieques Puerto Rico


Vieques is an island paradise located 7 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. Also called "Isla Nena," Vieques is the Little Sister island of Puerto Rico. The island has the Caribbean Sea to the South and the Atlantic Ocean to the North.

Wild horses

Vieques has a rich cultural history dating back more than 4000 years. The island has been inhabited by Taino indians, French, English, Spanish and the US.

For over 60 years, large portions of Vieques was a US Navy training location. In 2003, Vieques won a long, peaceful struggle to remove the Navy.

Coconut palms

Vieques Island has abundant natural beauty, dozens of amazing beaches and countless ecological wonders, including the World's best Bioluminescent Bay.

Over two-thirds of Vieques Island is a federally-protected Wildlife Refuge, offering beach and nature lovers the perfect chance to experience a unique subtropical Caribbean ecology.

Vieques is the ideal vacation destination for Caribbean-style culture, fun, and relaxation!

Text and photos courtesy of The Vieques Guide.