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A Message from Abe and Barbara

To all of our friends, we want you to know that we are safe. We made it through Hurricane Maria, but our home and our business suffered serious damage. Vieques is strong and we all have hopes that it will be rebuilt stronger and more beautiful than ever, but in the meantime the people of Vieques are in need of basic necessities like food, water, shelter, gas, communication/cell service, and power. Power is expected to be out in Vieques until at least February, and most businesses will not be functioning for many months, or even a year. We have a long road ahead as we get through this year and rebuild our home and business. A friend has created a gofundme for our family and business called Rebuild Abe's Home and Business. Please share the link with others who may want to contribute. Please also consider donating to the gofundme called ViequesLove which was first on the ground in Vieques (before FEMA, National Guard, or the Coast Guard) leading disaster relief efforts and is planning on helping rebuild Vieques. Thank you in advance for all of your support. We hope to see you in Vieques again soon enjoying all of its natural beauty with Abe's Snorkeling and Bio Bay Tours.

Abe's Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours

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About Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques Beach

Vieques is a tiny island located 7 miles east of Puerto Rico bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the North.

Vieques is a mostly undeveloped island with a year-round population of only 9,000 people.

With miles of secluded beaches and countless ecological wonders, Vieques is a paradise for those looking for tropical beauty and island relaxation.