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Cayo de Afuera Snorkeling

Explore the Coral Reefs of Cayo Afuera

Sea Fans and Coral

Great snorkeling is a short paddle away! Cayo de Afuera is the small island located off Esperanza Beach.

Our two-hour kayak snorkeling trip brings you close to thousands of marine species that inhabit these magnificent coral reefs.

After an instructional session with your guide, you will paddle across beautiful turquoise waters, anchor kayaks near the cayo, and dive in.

Ready to Snorkel

Another world awaits beneath the waves. Swim with countless tropical fish. Watch sea fans and long tube sponges sway in the currents. Spot a spotted eagle ray or see a sea turtle...

A guide is in the water with you at all times to point out and identify interesting corals and fish.

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Corals and Fish
Green Sea Turtle

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