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All-In-One Bio-Bay Tour

Kayaking, Snorkeling & Bio Bay...
The All-In-One Tour!

Our best tour is a combination of five tours made into a single great adventure!

Mangrove leaves and flowers

Start at Mosquito Bay and paddle your kayak into a mangrove forest. Explore mystical tunnels and peaceful lagoons, spotting crabs and birds along the roots...

Kayaks at Novillo Beach

Paddle across the Bay and into the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy the remote Novillo Beach (only accessible by boat!). Swim, snorkel and have a sunset picnic in the sand.

Vieques Bio Bay by Kayak

Photo Credit: Billy Robin

At nightfall, return to Mosquito Bay and watch it become the Bioluminescent Bay. Hear all about the 'magic' that's happening as countless stars appear...

You will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close to the glowing water and experience bioluminescence for yourself... The perfect ending to the perfect day!

All-In-One-Bio-Bay Tour Photos

Kayak mangrove bay
Mangrove forest kayak
Paddle Vieques Bioluminescent Bay

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